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Posted (01/25/2009) - Daytona 2009 'Fresh from Florida' Results

I am sorry to report that all three cars failed to finish. Our Daytona curse lives on . . .

196: As I reported in an earlier post, the car was heavily damaged in an 'off' at the bus stop on Thursday. The crew had the car back together and ready to race for the Friday morning practice. The car was shaken down and tested. Owen was in the car and quickly got it up to speed. The car was on track for 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, the good news was soon to end. Jade was behind the wheel for the start and the right front axle broke at the pillow block. A very strange failure and clearly the result of the prior day's shunt. Hindsight says we should have changed the axle . . . we had one . . . but it didn't look damaged. It was inspected closely and nothing was visible.

197: Another DNF due to an 'off' at the bus stop. Randy drove the car for the first stint and was in the car for 165 miles and almost two hours. We were running for a top ten finish. Just as the car was coughing for fuel a full course caution came out. It looked like the racing gods were smiling on us. The car was fueled, new front Hoosiers were mounted, Randy got out and the car was turned over to Joe.

With new, cold fronts and worn rears, Joe went off at the bus stop and hit the tire wall in a similar place to Jade's accident on Thursday. This hit was not too bad but Joe needed to come to the pit for an inspection and check. This put him down a lap. A few laps later, Joe retired with a clutch problem. We think the 'off' damaged the clutch slave cylinder as there was no clutch action and the car wouldn't go into gear. The car eventually finished 20th. A disappointing result after running so well for close to two hours.

198: Adam and Trevor drove the 198. Adam drove 1st and was running with the front pack. Trevor took over at the 1st fuel stop and was running top ten after the fuel stops all cycled through. Again, our hopes were dashed when another front axle failed !

This one appeared to have an axle boot torn . . . probably from track debris as the course was dirty and covered with car parts. They finished 25th.

All in all, a good but disappointing day.

Thanks to the Mini owners who stopped by . . . there were lots of you. Nice to see the support. Special thanks to '2Miniacs' for graciously buying the busted windshield off the 197. The $30 goes to the Boggy Creek Children's Charity.
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